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We have a great family of well certified trainers! 

John Palmer-

Hi! My name is John Palmer. I am a personal trainer who's been involved with fitness my entire life. I've trained with and have been influenced by state champion bodybuilders and powerlifters. This influence and my passion led me to obtain a fitness certification 4 years ago. My main focus is developing programs for my clients to achieve a balanced, healthier lifestyle that works best for them. I believe everyone has different goals and one size does not fit all. My life is balanced with my faith, fitness and spending as much time as possible with my children. For more information you can contact me at 717-475-2145.

 Brandi Nuse-

Brandi Nuse has been providing personal training since 2010 and nutrition counseling since 2014. Her motivation is to help people reach their individual goals, focusing on healthy and sustainable changes to their current lifestyle. Brandi works with local physical therapists to help individuals recovering from injury, surgery, etc. She is married and has two very active boys. In her free time she enjoys camping, outdoor activities, and cooking! 

For more information about personal training or nutrition counseling, contact Brandi Nuse at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 717-813-1896




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